Livestock and Horses

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General Rules and Regulations
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  1. All competitors can enter online or download entry forms from the website. If required paper certificates of entry may be obtained from the Show Manager, PO Box 220, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 9EN and must be correctly filled in and returned before 12 noon on Monday 10th June 2019. Anyone missing this deadline can still submit an online entry up to Monday 17th June 2019.
  2. No entry will be accepted unless correctly completed on the prescribed form and accompanied by entrance fee, but see No. 5 of rules for Light Horses.  Information about exhibitors and their animals may also be provided to DEFRA, Trading Standards, Council Departments, BCMS, SAC, Breed Societies and others having regulatory functions as well as the Society’s veterinary advisors.  The making of an entry is irrevocable consent for the storage and disclosure of information in this way. 
  3. No entrance fee shall be refundable on any account including the partial or total abandonment or postponement of the show.  All entry fees are published in the schedule.
  4. In applying for paper certificates of entry, the exhibitor must state the class or classes in which he/she intends to exhibit and the number of entries he/she proposes making stating the name and age of exhibit(s).
  5. All cattle and sheep must be the bona fide property of the exhibitors and must have been in their possession at least three months before the day of the exhibition.  Where applicable entries must comply with the rules of their relevant Breed Societies.
  6. The committee will not entertain any protest, unless the same is in writing and delivered to the Secretary within one hour of the publication of the judges’ decision. Every protest must be accompanied by a deposit of £25 and signed by one exhibitor. The £25 will be forfeited if the committee decides the objection to be frivolous.
  7. In all cases where prizes are given conditionally they will be withheld until the exhibitor shall have proven to the satisfaction of the committee that the conditions have been complied with.
  1. Exhibitor’s assistants must see that the stock under their care is properly placed.
  2. The show yard will be open for the reception of cattle and sheep from 7am to 8.45am on the morning of the show and none will be admitted after that hour. Horses, except those in the jumping classes, to be on the ground by 10am and those in the jumping classes to be there not later than 11am. No stock to be removed from the show yard until 3.30pm or the Grand Parade and exhibitors breaking the rule will, in the case of prize winners, forfeit their prizes, and the non-prize winners pay a fine of £25 each respectively. This rule will be strictly adhered to.
  3. All animals must parade at the scheduled time, stripped of clothing.
  4. All horned exhibits must be marked as such on the entry form.
  5. All cattle to be led into the field. All bulls over 15 months old to be led into the yard by a clamp or ring in the nose. Exhibitors must also send chains or ropes with all bullocks to fasten them in the yard, and as all cattle classes will be judged in the ring provided for the purpose, exhibitors are requested to make their exhibits as traceable as possible before the day of show, that they may be easily led into the ring. The committee will not hold themselves responsible for damage to or by any exhibits.
  6. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to ensure that the handler of any animal is of suitable physical capability, experience and age to be in charge of that animal.  Junior exhibitors leading animals in the Grand Parade must be accompanied by a competent adult who is NOT handling other animals.  Correct dress code must be adhered to at all times. 
  7. It is recommended that ANY stallion or colt, 3 years of over, should wear a bit or chifney at all times when being handled.
  8. All prize winners taking part in the grand parade must NOT be decorated with rosettes, etc. other than those won at the current Totnes & District Show.
  9. Employees in charge of exhibits will be admitted free on production of the appropriate pass and must remain with their stock until after the decision of the judges, or their exhibits will be disqualified from taking a prize.  Such employees to be under the orders of the Committee.
  10. The committee reserves the right to amalgamate or cancel any class that in their opinion has insufficient entries.
  11. The judges may withhold any ordinary or special prize where there is an evident want of merit, and where there is only one animal or pen of animals shown in a class, the judges may award the first, second, or third prize according to the merit of the animal or animals exhibited.
  12. If at any time whatever during the show the judges shall have the cause to doubt the soundness of a horse, notwithstanding the same may be provided with a certificate, they shall order such horse to be examined by the Society’s veterinary surgeon, whose decision shall be final.
  13. All riders must wear protective headgear which complies with the relevant current British Standard.  The Totnes Show Society recommends the wearing of protective headgear when leading any horse or pony on the showground. 
  14. While the Officials take every care, the Society will not in any case or under any circumstances be responsible for any accident, loss, damage, or injury to the competitors or the public attending the show, or for stock or produce which may be exhibited at the show. All exhibitors and competitors should check their insurance to ensure they are covered.
  15. Any person entering an animal or animals in the wrong class will be disqualified.
  16. No person shall enter the space or enclosure set apart for the adjudication or holds any communication with the judges or examining veterinary surgeon without permission from the steward.
  17. A full description as to name, colour, marks, etc. must be stated for every horse entered.
  18. Prize winners in the Cattle and Supreme Champion and Breed Champions in the Light Horse Sections must take part in the Grand Parade.  Failure to do so may mean forfeiture of prize money. Prize Winners are asked to collect their prize money before 4:00pm on the Show day, from the ticket booth at the pedestrian entrance gate in the main Show field. Failure to do so entitles the Show to retain the prize money forthwith. No prize money will be posted after the Show.
  19. Any exhibitor not responding to the request to return the cup(s) and/or trophy on time will not be entitled to take away any cups that they win in the future.
  20. Rosettes will be awarded as follows: Cattle and Sheep to third place. Horses to sixth place. A 4th place in the sheep classes will be awarded, only if 10 or more entries are forward in a class on the Show day.
  21. Mobile phones must not be used when handling any livestock or equine in the Grand Parade or in any area of the Showground. 
  22. Quad Bikes or mini motorbikes are not permitted in any area of the showground, car or lorry park, other than those authorised and used by Show Officials
  23. Tampering with animals: Any artificial contrivance or device of any description found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is in the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize, and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited.  The Instigator or The Owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering Stock for any of the Society's Shows, for such period as the Committee may see fit.   For the purpose of this Regulation, the term 'improper practice' shall be held to include setting of teats, and generally any other practice including tampering or of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any other person which results in the animals being shown other than in a natural state, and the Society reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Society's Veterinary Officers, either prior to, during, or after judging.

    The Society will not tolerate the administration to show exhibits (entered either for competition or sale/demonstration) of tranquillisers or other drugs which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question to have the effect of making it behave in the show ring in a manner which is not natural.   The Society reserves the right to take any necessary samples.   Any Person or Exhibitor (or his representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such tranquilliser or drugs to any Show exhibit will be reported to the Organising Committee, and dealt with at their discretion.   In addition the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organisation.                       

    Any Exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection, having reference to Livestock exhibited at this Show, must make the same in accordance with the objection requirements of the Society. If, on investigation, the objection is not sustained to the satisfaction of the Committee, the sum thus deposited shall, at the discretion of the Committee, be forfeited to the funds of the Society.   All objections must be lodged on the same day as the alleged incident occurred  in accordance with the objection regulations, and no objection will be SUBSEQUENTLY received, unless a reason, satisfactory to the Committee be assigned for the delay



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