Park and Ride

Wood Brothers Travel Buses. Free Park & Ride operating throughout the day from SHDC Follaton House, Plymouth Road, TQ9 5NE and the bus stop beside KEVICC Lower School, car parks, TQ9 5JX.

In addition there will be two "Bob the Bus" town mini buses, running continually throughout the day, from the Plains bus stop (opposite the Seven Stars) to the Show field.

The first buses leave at 9am and the final buses return from the showfield at 5.30pm.

The journey turn around time for each bus will be approx. 30 mins, but this will obviously depend upon traffic conditions.

The bus from Follaton House, will travel via The Plains, up through estates at Bridgetown (Pathfields, Westonfields, Higher Westonfields, Blackpost Lane, Weston Lane) turning at True Street into the Show car park.

The bus from KEVICC will head towards The Plains, going over the bridge at Bridgetown and straight up Bridgetown Hill, turning left at True Street terminating in the Show field car park.

You may also hail and ride.  If you are in a suitable and safe place for the driver to stop and pick you up.

If you are parking at Follaton House, please be sure to remove your car from the car park by 7pm, when the gates are locked.

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