Homecraft & Handicraft Schedule

Please view full schedule below and print entry form. Schedules will also be available at Totnes Information Centre, Totnes Library, Rendells, 57 Fore St. Totnes, or alternatively by contacting Mrs M Barton  01803 864221.


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to be held at
SUNDAY, 31st July, 2016
Exhibits for the Homecraft and Handicraft Sections to be in the tent
before 09:45a.m on Sunday 31st July, 2016 or
between 4:00p.m and 5:00p.m on Saturday 30th July 2016.
Entries close: Monday 25th July, 2016
PRIZES: First - £2.00   Second - £1.50    Third - £1.00
Children’s classes: First - £1.50   Second - £1.00    Third - £0.70
1.              Jar of chutney or pickle– plain screw lid top
2.              Jar of raspberry jam – plain screw lid or cellophane
3.              Jar of strawberry jam – plain screw lid or cellophane
4.              Jar of any other jam – plain screw lid or cellophane
5.              Jar of fruit jelly – plain screw lid or cellophane
6.              Jar of marmalade (not jelly) – plain screw lid or cellophane
7.              Jar of lemon curd – cellophane only
8.              4 plain scones – from white flour
9.              3 Chocolate Muffins
10.           Novelty cake
11.           4 Fingers of Shortbread
12.           Victoria sandwich – made with 3 eggs, jam filled, dredged with caster sugar
13.           4 fingers of flapjack
14.           Lemon Drizzle cake 
Recipe: 6 oz(175g) caster sugar; 4 oz (110g) margarine; 6oz (175g) self raising flour; 2 eggs; 4 tablespoons milk; 2 lemons.
Method: Cream the margarine and sugar, add the flour (sieved) add the eggs and milk and mix thoroughly. Add the lemon zest (finely grated) and put mixture into a lined loaf tin, 9x5 inches
(22 x 12 cm) approx. Bake on middle shelf 160ºC / 325ºF / Gass Mark 3, until golden brown , approx 45 minutes.
Drizzle: Take 6 tablespoons of icing sugar and juice from 2 lemons, place in a small saucepan stir as you heat gently until clear. Allow cake to cool on a wire rack placed on a tray and pour drizzle over the cake, repeat after a short while by adding the surplus drizzle in the tray.
15.      4 Cheese Straws
16.      Baked cheese cake
17.      Loaf of wholemeal or granary bread in 2lb tin
18.      4 home made biscuits of one variety
19.      Sultana cake ( deep 7 inch / 18cm tin)
Recipe: 4 oz (110g) butter or margarine; 4 oz (110g) caster sugar, 2 eggs, 8 oz (225g) self raising flour, 
3 tbsp milk, vanilla essence, 6oz (175g) sultanas.    oven to 160-180° C / 350° F / Gas Mark 4
Cream butter and sugar together gradually add lightly whisked eggs. Add essence, fold in flour and add sultanas.
Bake in a moderate oven for about 1hr 15 mins
20.      4 decorated cup cakes
Exhibitors are responsible for covering entries with cling film or in a clear freezer bag. All entries should be presented on white paper plates. All bottles products to be labelled and dated.
(any age up to 15 years on the day of the Show)
21.      4 Sausage rolls (shortcrust pastry)
22.      7 inch pizza (home made base)
23.      4 face decorated buns
24.      4 home made biscuits (not shortbread)
25.      4 cheese scones


(Work to have been completed since August 2015. 
Garments should not have been washed or worn before the Show)
26.           Any craft (not mentioned in this schedule)
27.           Crochet Item
28.           Hand made bag
29.           Cushion (any size)
30.           Hand made item of jewellery
31.           Babies knitted garment or shawl for under 9 months
32.           Bazaar novelty that could be sold for up to £2.00
33.           Article of handmade felt
34.           Knitted Toy
35.           Snapshot (A Garden) – mounted on card
36.           Greetings card
37.           Knitted garment or shawl – double knit only
38.           Dressed Rag Doll
39.           Fresh flower arrangement in a shoe
40.           Fresh flower table arrangement, up to 30cm square (No max. height)
41.           Handicraft class for Senior Citizen- knitted or crochet
42.           Handicraft class for Senior Citizen – sewing or needlecraft
43.           A painting (any theme) any medium
44.           Decorated Plant Pot
45.           Collective entry open to any organisation (each item made by a different person). Space allowed 3   feet square
Theme: Film Title
Entries to comprise:         2 homecraft
                                            2 handicraft
                                            1 flower arrangement
Entry fee: 40p 10 points each item and 10 points for display
PRIZES First: £5.00 plus cup   Second: £3.00   Third £2.00


Pre-school / Playgroup
46.           Collective entry
47.           Individual – painting up to A3
Aged 4 to 7 years
48.           Model from any material 3D
49.           Picture made with any medium, size up to A3 (before mounting)
50.           Decorated Crown
51.           Coloured photo (Humorous) mounted on card
52.           An object from vegetables or fruits
53.           Miniature garden on a tray
54.           Picture of a flower made from dried pasta
55.           Decorated paper plate with shells
56.           A model made from play dough
Aged 8 to 11 years
57.           Lego model, not a kit, no larger than 12” x 12”
58.           Picture made with any medium, size up to A3 (before mounting)
59.           Loom Band item
60.           Painting, size up to A3 (before mounting)
61.           An object from vegetables or fruits
62.           Posy of flowers in a jar
63.           Decorated egg (hard boiled)
64.           Model scarecrow up to 45cm
65.           Coloured photo (Humorous) mounted on card
66.           Models made from any material 3D
67.           Computer graphics (designed by a child)
Aged 12 to 15 years
68.           Handmade Jewellery
69.          Clay model - not from kit
70.           Decorated face mask
71.           Coloured Photo (Humorous) mounted on card
72.           Robot made from junk (maximum size 60cm high)
73.           Greetings card
74.           A3 Graffiti Poster
75.           Computer graphics (designed by a child)
76.           Picture made from any medium (A3 size)

                          PLEASE READ THE SCHEDULE CAREFULLY

Mrs M Barton, “Louan”, Weirfields, Totnes, TQ9 5JS
Tel: 01803 864221
1.              Entry fee 10 pence per exhibit
2.              Age must be attached to each exhibit and age also to be shown on entry forms
3.              One entry per child in each class
1.              Entry fee for all Adult Classes 25 pence per entry. Correct money no change given
2.              One entry per person in each class
3.              All entries to be sent to the Hon. Secretary, Mrs M Barton c/o Rendells, 57 Fore Street, Totnes by   Monday 25th July with the entry fee made payable to Totnes & District Show Society.
4.              A First prize will be awarded at the Judge’s discretion
5.              Exhibits to be at the Showground, Berry Pomeroy, by 09:45am on Sunday 31st July 2016, or
between 4pm & 5pm on Saturday 30th July 2016. If brought on Saturday, it will be entirely at the Exhibitor's own risk.
6.              Exhibits sent by post to reach the Secretary six clear days before the Show, or may be left at Rendells office, 57 Fore Street, Totnes
7.              Prizes and exhibits may be collected between 4:45p.m and 5:45p.m. No exhibits may be removed from the Tent before this time. The Committee will not be responsible for any exhibit left after that time.
8.              The Judge’s decision must be final. No complaint will be entertained.
9.              All items are entered and exhibited at the owner’s risk
10.          Handicraft garments should not be washed or worn before the show.


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